Supporting Community Based Ecotourism

We encourage our guests to be a part of the community and join in with our fun and rewarding ecotourism projects

Our aim is to work closely alongside local communities living amongst national parks and wildlife reserves to help them benefit from conserving the wildlife and indigenous habitat. Almost all safari companies in East Africa provide benefits to local communities with job creation, plus many give back to the community by providing clinics, schools, and community programmes. Recently we have participated in volunteer work including helping at a rhino sanctuary, building classrooms for children in remote locations, donating surplus sunscreen to children living with Albinism and also community litter picks.

Come and join the fun with Safari Joe.

Our experience of staying at community owned campsites and the smaller lodges are great as they have a different feel to the larger hotels and lodges. Not only do the local communities benefit from the revenue but they are also able to make and sell crafts and handicrafts and grow fresh fruits and vegetables for direct sale to us. In the smaller camps and lodges we are more likely to be able to enjoy interaction with the local people and to also experience the peace and tranquillity that Africa offers away from the hustle and bustle.

At the coast we buy our fish directly from the local fishermen, who visit the beach cottages daily with the catch of the day. As we are a small tour operator and with Tony being Kenyan we are able to visit places that otherwise you would not get chance to go to.  The smaller and lesser known destinations are places that will set you aside from coming as a spectator to being able to immerse yourself in the local culture, therefore we find that the smaller establishments really benefit from meeting you, our guests and the local community benefits directly.

Safari Joe support people who suffer from Albinism, an Albino is someone that has no natural skin pigmentation and who therefore burns very easily in the hot African sun. We have found in the past that our guests often do not wish to carry home their leftover sunscreen, sun hats or old sunglasses, these items are crucial to a person that doesn't have any natural skin protection, whenever guests are kind enough to leave behind these valuable items we make sure they are distributed amongst those in need.

Please also ask us about planting an Indigenous TreeĀ on your visit to Africa, we will be more than happy to assist you!