Bush & Beach Weddings & Honeymoons

Safari Joe for the journey of a lifetime

Africa offers visitors a land which is breathtakingly diverse. The continent has always been very popular with honeymooners but more couples are now choosing to get married there too. And who can blame them with locations

ranging from the classic beach wedding, balloon weddings, and bush weddings to traditional African weddings. Safari Joe can arrange weddings for the couple only, or for a small or large group wedding in East Africa. The ultimate wedding destination, fly to Africa, get married! Then enjoy a honeymoon safari or a beach honeymoon extension. African weddings are not only very romantic, they are also affordable and Africa boasts a diversity of breathtaking locations in which to get married. A wedding in Africa is real romance.

Getting married in East Africa presents a number of advantages:

  • A choice of stunning backdrops
  • Beautiful weather more or less guaranteed
  • Honeymoon venue and wedding venue combined
  • Special packages for your guests
  • The chance to turn your wedding into a holiday
  • The opportunity to get married with either minimal numbers of guests or no guests

All the Planning can be done by the Hotel/Lodge
East African hotels/lodges are famous for the excellence of their cuisine, the warmth of their staff and the lengths to which they are delighted to go to - to make your wedding as special as they can.

When To Book

Bookings for weddings should be made as early as possible. Most hotels will not accept wedding reservations between December 24th and January 4th, or over Easter or on any other public holiday.


It is not necessary for couples to visit any East Africa authorities in advance of the event: all the arrangements can be done by the hotel. In order that a legal ceremony be carried out by an East African registrar, however, the following documents must be sent to us (as email attachments) at least a month before the wedding.

  • Copies of birth certificate of the bride and groom
  • Copies of passports for bride and groom
  • Details of profession of bride, groom and parents from both sides
  • Documents of eligibility from their local parish (should one of them be a divorcee a copy of the DECREE ABSOLUTE is required)

The registrar

In order to comply with official requirements, a copy of a letter requesting his/her presence at the event must be received by the registrar three working days before the wedding ceremony. This must include the signatures of both the bride and groom.

Wedding locations

We offer a wide range of wedding and honeymoon locations in East Africa, such as:

  • Balloon Weddings
  • Beach Weddings “ Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar Coast
  • Masai Weddings
  • Safari Weddings

The Bridal Bouquet

Most beach or city hotels will typically offer either a traditional teardrop bouquet or a posy (round), the colours of which can be themed to match the bridal theme. We suggest the following type of flowers: roses, carnations, lilies (seasonal), birds of paradise. Traditional safari lodges do not have access to flowers, but can usually arrange to have them flown in: this must be planned in advance.

Pre - Wedding Preparations

The majority of the larger hotels will have their own beauty salon and hairdressing salons, which tend to have considerable experience in presenting bridal “looks'. We would suggest that the bride hold consultations with both hairdresser and beautician before the big day. Many hotels also offer spa facilities, some of which provide the couple with their own private suite and selection of pre-event massages and holistic relaxation therapies.

Private Dining

Most standard wedding packages include a romantic dinner for two and a honeymoon breakfast: the venues vary depending on the location of the hotel or safari lodge. Most lodges and tented camps will also be pleased to serve private meals on the veranda or terrace of the room.

Music and Dancing

Most venues can provide music, dancing, choirs, disco etc. Alternatively they will be happy to play your own CD of music. Traditional dancers, typical of the region can also usually be provided.

Wedding Receptions

Most hotels and lodges are expert in providing large scale banquets with menus that are tailored to your exact specifications. Most will also supply wines and toasts or pre-event cocktails.

Family and Friends

The hotel of your choice will be more than happy to offer you a special rate for the accommodation of your family and friends.

On The Day

Typically, the hotel or lodge will arrange for the Registrar to be transferred from the nearest town (and back again after the ceremony). They will also arrange for the flowers to be delivered to the bride and groom. The wedding venue will be set up, usually with a decorated palm arch and flowers, there will also be a bridal desk (for the signing of the register) and two bridal chairs for the couple - plus seating for the registrar and other guests. The cake and champagne will be served at the wedding venue (after the ceremony). Witnesses can be provided if required (who will also shower the couple with rose petals after the ceremony). The photographer will be present throughout.

Wedding Photography and Dvds

Most hotels will provide a competent photographer who will capture the entire event and submit a final CD or, if you prefer, prints in a presentation album. With sufficient notice, the hotel will also usually be able to arrange for a competent video operator.


Travelling to distant, exotic East Africa on honeymoon is an adventurous and exciting way to begin a life together. Africa is such a unique continent that it guarantees the honeymoon of a lifetime. A combination of an African safari with time at the Indian Ocean offers the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. This combination is a hands-down winner and perfectly fulfils the African safari honeymoon dream.

Every honeymoon couple has one thing in common “ the need to get their honeymoon absolutely perfect; having said that, each client's requirements are quite different. Some couples want utter luxury, some want to stay in camps that are as simple and wild as possible. Large hotels versus small boutique guesthouses adventure or relaxation or both! This is where the skill of tailor-making itineraries becomes incredibly important. We don't  “off the shelf honeymoons; we arrange Africa's finest safari honeymoons, tailor-made to your specific needs and wants.

Romantic white sandy beaches, breathtaking African sunsets, sparkling wine and fruit platters in your room on arrival, spa treatments, organising a candle lit dinner in the savannah, a surprise bush breakfast, beautiful sunset spots, rose filled baths, romantic turn downs on your bed at night, it's that little extra attention that makes your honeymoon different from any other holiday.
Our knowledge will guide you through every single option for an African Honeymoon, and our experience will add the finer touches...........we can guarantee the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Time of Year

Considering many people get married in the second half of the year, an African safari honeymoon often coincides with the best time of year for both game viewing and beach lolling. Virtually every country we work in has its best weather and game viewing in the months from June through to October.

Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar

Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar are all ideal honeymoon locations; they have stunning scenery, great safaris, dream-inspiring beaches and small, romantic accommodation. It is easy to get to from the UK, good value and simple to get around... look no further! Zanzibar's palm fringed beaches and exceptional coral reefs make this enchanting island the perfect choice for beach breaks after a safari in East Africa. Its' amazing lodges and private islands are drenched in sunshine for much of the year and the capital Stone Town is a great destination to poke around for honeymoon curios.