Community, Conservation and Wildlife Projects

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Volunteering or assisting with community projects in Africa is a great way to learn more about a country and get involved. This is an experience never to be forgotten. There are projects which are suitable for all age groups

and abilities including families with children. Projects can be incorporated into your Safari Holiday. Over the past few years we have led expeditions with almost 100 British School Children building classrooms in remote villages in Uganda. From the initial reconnaissance work, detailing the itinerary and budget, providing risk assessments with full safety backup to actually running the projects with the staff and children, including providing food and accommodation in remote areas and working with the local communities, so that now these children can enjoy their education in the dry and comfort of a permanent classroom.

Volunteer in Africa

Assisting with community projects in Africa is one of the best ways to really experience a country and its cultures and traditions. Volunteers can choose from a range of key community areas, including schools, animal welfare or community development. Volunteering in Africa can be tough, and emotionally it can be difficult, but the rewards and ultimate feeling of being able to help a community in need makes this experience something volunteers will remember forever.

Community Projects

East Africa has a number of community projects for visitors to get involved in; these include helping children in local villages learn to read and write, building projects of all shapes and sizes and assisting in local orphanages. There is always something that needs to be done, giving a classroom a coat of paint, planting some flowers in the garden, mending a broken see-saw or just having some good old-fashioned fun and games with the children. Volunteers with medical backgrounds can assist in the community clinics.

Wildlife & Conservation Projects

Travellers with veterinary backgrounds will be able to help in almost every country in Africa, as often communities desperately need vets to assist with domestic animals and simply can't afford to pay someone to come in to help. For travellers who have no veterinary background there are still plenty of opportunities to help in various wildlife projects including rhino monitoring, primate care and turtle watching.

Plant a Tree

Every one of our guests will have the opportunity to plant an indigenous tree in East Africa.

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