Team Building Events

Join us for some fun and games

Join us for some fun and games as we plan your Team Building Events here in Kenya.  Bush or Beach locations, either one day or overnight, you decide.  Great destinations such as the Masai Mara, Nakuru, Diani Beach and many more.  Camping/Glamping, Beach Cottages or Hotel accommodation the possibilities are endless.

There are so many different reasons that companies participate in team building activities. A small few of these reasons could include: improves communication, boosts morale, aids motivation, as an ice breaker to get to know each other better, to learn effective strategies, to improve productivity, to learn about one's strengths or weaknesses and so many others. Team building activities can be enjoyed by any business, big or small, to promote better teamwork in your workplace, plus as most business owners and managers know, great teamwork is one of the most important key factors associated with a company's success.

Why choose Safari Joe?

We have hosted Team Building events catering for all age groups, Safari Joe will put together an event which will suit your requirements and your budget. Events can be either a half day, a full day or a two day programme.  Each event typically starts with some ice breaking fun and games, followed by communication and problem solving activities, ending up with Crazy Olympics and a closing awards ceremony and barbeque. For overnight guests a range of accommodation is available, although we highly recommend a night camping in the bush, sitting around the campfire under the stars.

Types of Activities

We offer four main categories of team building activities, which include: problem solving and/or decision making activities, communication activities, adaptability and/or planning activities, as well as activities that focus on building up trust. The overall idea is to perform various activities that are both challenging and fun, plus they also have the side effect of building teamwork skills which can help improve employees performance and productivity in the office.


We can host Team Building Events almost anywhere in East Africa! Once we have discussed your preferred duration, location and budget.  Let us put together an exciting itinerary that suits all of your requirements. After the fun and games we can organise Live Music and Great Food which sure will bring the best out of any team by rewarding them after their day of hard work/fun!

Crazy Olympics

Our Crazy Olympics are designed for companies that are looking for the... "not so serious team building" yet wanting to still keep the group together instead of sending small groups off into different directions only to meet up later and find out how well they did or didn't do as the case maybe. This team building is more of Spirit Building where luck will play more of a roll than either physical strength or stamina. The team will enjoy a laugh in a fun orientated competition, hilarity and some friendly rivalry! Our flexible games are modified to suit any place or group.  So ..... Let the games begin! Teams initially start off with the all important team chants, songs and dances but will soon be competing in blindfolded games, relay races and fun filled wacky activities.

Focused Team Building Games

Our focused team building games are designed to encourage different factors such as communication, cohesion, respect for roles, interdependence and goal specification. Activities are carried out in a relaxed environment and all of the team members are expected to contribute and participate. The teambuilding activities are very low impact and can be done by all ages and fitness levels. The general focus is on encouraging team members to think through the various tasks.