Plan your Kenya Safari to coincide with the Annual Rhino Charge Kenya

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Every year since 1989 the Rhino Charge Kenya is one of the most exciting Annual Off-Road 4x4 Motorsport Competitions.  This extreme 4WD challenge is a fabulous, action packed event. Plan your Kenya Safari to coincide with this unmissable occasion. The event is scheduled annually around the last weekend in May, first weekend of June.

Rhino Charge - Annual Off-Road 4x4 Motorsport Competition

The name ‘Rhino Charge’ is not what the event is really about, the actual event is an off road 4x4 challenge! The aim of the challenge is to negotiate a set course in as short a distance as possible. This ends up in some very tricky driving skills over incredible terrain.  The Rhino Charge Kenya is a fund raising event to raise money to build a fence around the Aberdare National Park to protect the Rhinos.

The location of the event is top secret until about a week before the event is due to take place, the route undisclosed until the actual day. On the day of the race the teams are each given a start time and get ready to set off, they plan their route to traverse the shortest distance possible in the shortest time possible. Specially constructed Rhino Charge 4x4 vehicles cross river beds, climb over rocks and boulders, winch themselves up river banks and generally the custom built vehicles are put to the hardest most extreme driving tests. Most vehicles end up upside down or on their sides at some stage in the race, the crew carefully release themselves from their harnesses inside, right the vehicle and carry on.

Rhino Charge Kenya on a Kenya Safari

The Rhino Charge Kenya is a superb spectator sport, many people travel across the world to be a part of this event. Spectators go to one of the best vantage points and then sit and wait to see the Rhino Charge vehicles pass by. Huge cool boxes full of ice cold drinks and snacks are carried, so that for the day you can observe the shenanigans from the shade of a tree or cheer on your favourite team. View points are often overlooking an area that is known to cause some fun and games for the skilful drivers. So come on what are you waiting for, book a Kenya Safari with Safari Joe and we will take you to where the action is.  Email us today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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