Monday, 08 February 2016 07:19

Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya

Lake Nakuru is one of Kenya's premier National Parks and world renowned. It is perfectly situated within a couple of hours drive from Kenya’s thriving capital city, Nairobi.

A relatively small national park with a lot to offer, Lake Nakuru has the largest concentration of both Black Rhino and White Rhino in the country. As soon as you enter the park you are immediately treated to breathtaking views and an abundance of wildlife.

Gigantic yellow barked acacia trees surround the lake and pockets of euphorbia trees are scattered within the park.

The soda lake in the middle attracts at times hundreds of thousands of flamingos, giving the lake the appearance of a pink fringe. Once spooked the flamingos all take off together and a huge cloud of pink swarms the lake until they settle down again.  It is possible to drive down to the water’s edge and sit and watch this spectacular bird show.

The park has a high density population of Leopards and although rare it is often possible to spot one, resting in a tree to avoid the heat of the day; the tell-tale sign of their tale hanging down from the branches, alerts you to their presence.

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